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Count on Navisite to help you move to the cloud with confidence.

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Gain powerful resources with Managed Services for Microsoft Azure.

And be sure you’re taking full advantage of all Microsoft Azure has to offer by working with an experienced partner who can help you move to the cloud faster, securely and cost effectively.

With Navisite, you gain the power of:

  • A multicloud provider with expert support for hybrid cloud environments
  • 20+ years experience delivering cloud and managed services to enterprises
  • 15+ years as a Microsoft Partner
  • 450+ Microsoft certifications

Managed Matters.
Don’t Go It Alone.

Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud choice among CIOs.

Choosing Azure is just the beginning. The more you know about its features and capabilities, the more you’ll see why a managed service is so essential. Here are six reasons to take a closer look at Navisite for Managed Services for Microsoft Azure.

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Knowing if your business is cloud-ready starts by asking the right questions.

By 2019 86% of workloads will be processed in the cloud.

See if you’re prepared to make the move by reading 5 Smart Questions and learn why companies turn to Managed Cloud Services to ensure cloud success.

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Make the most of the cloud.

64% of organizations use managed cloud for one or more IT functions.

Did you know that things like efficiency, security and freeing up IT staff to work on strategic initiatives have eclipsed cost savings as top reasons to turn to Managed Cloud Services? View our infographic to learn more and see what else every enterprise should know.

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Azure Webinar Series

Do’s, Don’ts and Data Centers:
Rightsizing Your Data Center

May 24, 2017 1:00PM EST

As you look to transition to the cloud or use it more effectively, it’s time to size up your current environment – starting with your data center. In partnership with Microsoft, Do’s, Don’ts and Data Centers: Rightsizing Your Data Center, will highlight how the right planning can help you cut costs and optimize your cloud deployments.

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About Navisite

Navisite, LLC, a part of Spectrum Enterprise, is a leading international provider of managed cloud services, including managed multi-cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Managed Office 365 and Managed Applications. Navisite provides a full suite of dependable and scalable managed services, enabling enterprises to extend their data centers with hybrid, private and multiple public clouds. Enterprises can outsource IT infrastructure to Navisite to maximize the agility and value of their IT investments. With more than 600 certifications held by Navisite employees, clients depend on us for customized solutions, delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centers. For more information, visit Navisite.com or Navisite.co.uk.